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Parent’s Guide

We encourage parents to read our parent’s guide as it contains important information.
Parent's Guide

Absolute Challenges

Match Play Sessions

Every 8 -10 weeks we run match play sessions which offer players a chance to play different opponents. Matches are usually 25 minutes long following 'game scoring' format. Win or loose they play another opponent for a further 25 minutes with players typically playing 4-6 matches in a session.


Box Leagues

Box leagues are a great way for your child to play players who are a similar standard. You can play at a time that suits you and your opponent.

To participate in one of our box leagues you just need to let us know and we will sort out your registration and guide you through the first steps.

Green League - latest standings

(1st) Oscar Marsh - played 5 / won 4

(2nd) Leo Thomas - played 4 / won 3 (beat Ben)

(3rd) Ben Sabin - played 4 / won 3

(4th) Aaron Kirkham - played 5 / won 1

(5th) Savinu Ariyawansa - played 4 / won 0

Adult Inter Club Challenges

Whether you wish to organise a match between a friend or stranger from player from another club, Allplay, from the LTA allows you to arrange matches and get competing. This clever system allows you to set up your player profile, stating your level of play, where you're available to play assign your tennis club as your venue of play, confirm your match date and then post results where you win Allplay points for winning.

Win or lose, regular competition against players of varying styles will hugely improve your level of play. Its FREE to be a member so what do you have to lose?

allplay login

Team Competitions

We enjoy competing in The Sarum League. The Sarum League is Salisbury's local tennis league which is open to clubs within a 25 mile radius of Salisbury. The league began in 1986, and run both summer and winter competitions. The teams are made up of two ladies and two men who all play four sets.

Each match consists of these rubbers:
First Mixed Couple v First Mixed Couple - 2 sets,
2nd Mixed Couple v 2nd Mixed Couple - 2 sets,
Mens Doubles - 2 sets, Ladies Doubles - 2 sets

The number of sets won determines the winning team.

If you would like to be a part of our team and participate in friendly yet competitive doubles then let us know!