Tennis Courses

John Hanson Community School



4.30-5.15pm / 8 & unders class

5.15 - 6pm: / 8 & 9 years improvers class

6-7pm: / 11 years + class

Course Fees

Junior classes (1hour) - £6 per session
Junior classes (45 minutes) - £5 per session

Adult classes (1hour) - £7 per session
Adult classes (1.5 hours) - £9 per session

Fees are paid at the start of the course a half term in advance. Half terms are between 5-8 weeks long and courses run in line with the Hampshire  school's calendar. In the event of bad weather the junior classes will go in the school's sports hall or gymnasium. If this is not possible, parents will be contacted around 20-30 minutes before the class start time and a credit will be issued.

Private Lessons

Adult/Junior individual - £28 per/hr or £15 half hour
Adult/Junior pair - £18 each per/hr or £12 each half hour