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Experience the ultimate convenience in private tennis coaching with Absolute Tennis’ home tennis coaching in Hampshire. Our expert coaches will come to your premises, eliminating the need to commute to the court. Whether you’re seeking individual or group coaching, we’ve got you covered on court.  The convenient way for you to to learn and play tennis.

With individualised attention and instruction, you’ll see an improvement in your technique, strategy, and overall performance on the court.

Transform your game with Absolute Tennis’ home coaching service tailored to suit.

Home Coaching For All Ages!

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Portable Nets

If you don’t have a tennis court at your Hampshire home lessons are still possible. We have portable nets and throw-down lines where we can create a tennis court providing you have a hard-standing area of a suitable size and the surface offers a consistent bounce.

Coaching Fees

1 Hour £70
1.5 Hours £90
2 Hours £110
2.5 Hours £130
3 Hours £150
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Travel Charges

There is a 75p per mile boundary charge outside the boundaries shown on the map. For example, if you live 25 miles away from Chandler’s Ford in Hampshire you will pay £15 extra to cover the extra fuel expenses and time taken to travel.

You will not be charged for your booking if you cancel no later than 48 hours before the visit date. Within this period there will be a cancellation charge of 50% of your standard coaching charge.

You will not be charged if the session is cancelled due to poor weather conditions providing both parties mutually agree that the conditions are unsuitable for play or if the coach is unwell and unable to attend as a result.

Bringing Tennis to Your Doorstep: In-Home Private Coaching in Hampshire

Tailored Tennis Coaching Without Leaving Home

Imagine having a professional tennis coach right at your home, ready to elevate your game. Our in-home private tennis coaching service in Hampshire makes this dream a reality for both children and adults.

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No Tennis Court? No Problem!

Lack of a Court, Not an Obstacle: Even if you don’t have a tennis court at home, our coaching can still be a reality. We come prepared with portable nets and throw-down lines, transforming your hard-standing area into a tennis court.

Consistent Bounce, Exceptional Experience: All we need is a hard-standing area with a consistent surface bounce. We’ll take care of the rest, ensuring you receive high-quality tennis coaching right at your doorstep.

Why Choose Home Tennis Coaching?

Personalised Attention: Enjoy undivided attention from our skilled coaches, who customise each session to your individual goals and skill level.

Convenience is Key: Skip the commute and scheduling hassles. We work around your timetable, making tennis easily accessible in the comfort of your own home.

Quick Progress: With focused, one-on-one instruction, expect to see rapid improvements in your tennis game.

Private Tennis Coaching For Kids: Fun, Engaging Learning

Refined Techniques: Perfect your tennis strokes, including forehand, backhand, and serve, with expert guidance.

Tactical Mastery: Develop advanced strategies, court positioning, and a winning game plan to outplay opponents.

Fitness Focus: Our lessons incorporate fitness elements to enhance endurance and agility, boosting your overall performance.

Private Tennis Coaching For Adults: Elevate Your Game

Confidence Building: Our coaches create a nurturing environment that builds children’s self-esteem on and off the court.

Foundational Skills: Children will learn tennis basics through engaging activities, setting them on a path to a lifelong love of the sport.

Active Lifestyle: Tennis promotes fitness and an active lifestyle, fostering healthy habits from an early age.

Unlock Your Tennis Potential With Private Tennis Coaching at Home

Experience the convenience and excellence of in-home private tennis coaching in Hampshire. Whether you’re a child or an adult, we’re here to help you reach your tennis goals without ever leaving your property. Contact Absolute Tennis today to schedule your first session.

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